Monsoon likely to reach Delhi by June 29

New Delhi, The monsoon is expected to reach Delhi by June 29, an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official said Monday.

"The monsoon is likely to reach Delhi between June 29-30, depending on the progress of the monsoon from southern India to the northern parts," D. Sivananda Pai, head of the long-range forecasting division of the IMD, said at a conference.

"We will be able to provide a clear picture when the monsoon reaches central India," he added.

Delhi is reeling under intense heat and the official said that no respite was expected before June 12.

The monsoon is expected to be below normal this year at 93 percent of the average rainfall due to El Nino which has 70 percent chance of developing.

"In general, the southwest monsoon is weaker than normal during El Nino years," the official said.

Northwest India, that also includes Delhi, is likely to see only 85 percent of the average rainfall.

This region also includes the green belt - Punjab and Haryana - which is likely to be affected.

The four-month-long monsoon arrived five days late in Kerala June 6.

Once the southwest monsoon sets in over Kerala, it advances northwards and covers the entire country by July 15.

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