Most Amazing Church to Visit in Bangalore

Demographically miscellaneous city, Namma Bengaluru has dependably been a significant focus point in terms of economical and civilizing. Considered as the second-quickest developing significant city in India, Bangalore city has a fantastic environment. Among the perpetual number of parks, lakes, shopping centers, restaurants and pubs, Bangalore is no less regarding heavenly architectural holy churches.

Most Amazing Church to Visit in Bangalore

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral

"A glorious past is the way towards a glorious future". The St. Francis Xavier Cathedral was first inherent in 1851 by the Fr. Chevalier, Bishop of Mysore in 1873 who departed in 1880. Considered as one of the oldest and historical Churches, St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is personified with its temperament. Inadequate due to growing population the house of prayer, of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, tower of the Congregation tumbled down in 1905 where the new Church was opened on 26th May 1932. In 1940, was erected as a separate bishopric and St. Francis Xavier's Church was chosen as a Cathedral. Over the long haul, Bangalore archbishop Bernard Moras re-dedicated the cathedral to St. Francis Xavier.

Infant Jesus Church

Spotted in Vivek Nagar, Infant Jesus Church is one of the most seasoned and celebrated Church in Bangalore. Regardless of rank and religion, aficionados gather in the church to occurrence the astounding power of the Infant Jesus. Inherent in 1979, the sanctum is known as a spot for marvels and divine solace. The acclaim of Infant Jesus Church is across the board. Unique Novenas are held on each Thursday. Overflowing with the devotees, a new church contiguous to the old shrine was inducted and opened for follower since 2005.

St. Mary's Basilica

St. Mary's Basilica is a cathedral found in the Archdiocese of Bangalore. It is the most renowned church in Bangalore and the only church that has been hoisted to the status of a minor basilica. It is renowned for the celebrations held amid the St. Mary's Banquet in the month of September every year, an occasion that draws countless number of devotees from all over the city.

Saint Mark's Cathedral

Arranged on MG Street, Paragon of Saint Mark's Cathedral is the most established Anglican Church in Bangalore, intrinsic in 1812. The congregation is made in a lovely provincial structure with a rich vault over a half circle chamber. It was sanctified by the Bishop of Calcutta in 1816, and remade in 1927 with stained glass work, extravagant woodwork, and elaborate carvings.

Saint Mary's Basilica

Found contrary to the Russel Market Square in Shivaji Nagar, Saint Mary's Basilica is originally begun as a small chapel by the French in 1818. Known as one of the most seasoned places of worship in Bangalore, the present structure of the church was implicit in 1882 and was raised to the status of Basilica in 1973. The structural planning of the congregation is Gothic style, with unbelievable inner parts and designed stained glass windows. The most essential day of the Church, Saint Mary's Basilica is commenced on September 8 every year, on this day, thousands and thousands of devotees swarm the church to get the blessing of Virgin Mary.
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1: Recently, a beautiful church has been built by a parish belonging to the Syro-Malabar wing of the Bangalore archdiocese. Located off Bannerghatta Road, 5 Kms before reaching the national Park. The altar has been constructed with the rich Syro heritage and is a sight to behold. It also has an underground chapel dedicated to Mother Mary, notably for expectant mothers.

Certainly, an architectural marvel keeping in mind the contemporary times we are living in.
Posted by: Melvin - 04 Nov, 2014
2: Yes this church is beautiful
Joseph replied to: Melvin post - 04 Nov, 2014
3: Could you please specify the name of the church?
Joseph Emmanuel replied to: Joseph post - 26 Aug, 2016