Most Beautiful Places In Brazil

Most Beautiful Places In Brazil
Pantanal and Bananal Island situated in the higher Paraguay River Basin where the plain envelop an area roughly 210,000 km square of 70% in Western Brazil.

The largest miscellaneous freshwater wetland of flora and fauna in the world, the Pantanal lies linking the Amazon and La Plata South America. The main profitable activities in the marshland plain is the livestock, tourism, fisheries and limestone mining moreover in some extent growing and agriculture is also a division of the activities. To visit to Pantanal the tourist gets to depart from Campo Grande, the Brazil's center-west state of Corumba.

Bananal Island is the largest river island in the globe positioned in the Brazilian state of Tocantins. To reach to the Bananal Island one need to begin their explorations from Brazilian capital of Palmas.
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