Most beautiful places to See Sunrise in India

Chadrashila peak, Uttarakhand

Considered as a diverse country in the world, India offers differed tourism choices however, located at a height of about 4,000 metres above sea level, well thought out as the "Moon Rock", the Chadrashila peak also presents a spectacular view of Himalayas along with a breathtaking sunrise vision.

Illustrious sight of the Chadrashila peak amid full moon nights is breathtakingly enchanting where its sunrises and sunsets are unparalleled. In the full moon days, the mountain tops are situated on fire and set the soul on a gaudy experience. The characteristic exquisiteness of the Chadrashila peak of Uttarakhand offers the feeling of unity with nature's domain which leaves an interminable impact on the mind and embodiment of the individual. The captivating and soul distillation place on Chadrashila peak, Uttarakhand is considered as an ideal place for trekking too.
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