Most impressive mosques in Bangalore

mosques in Bangalore
Considered to be the holiest place for Islamic religion, a mosque is a worship place for Islam followers. The holy place of Islamic belief, the mosque is documented as Masjid where in Arabic connotation the "Masjid" means holy place or place of worship.

On the other face, the metropolitan city of Bangalore indisputably reflects its multiplicity in terms of religions. The metropolitan city literally cling 100 churches, 1000 temples and more or less 400 mosques.

In the holy month of Ramadan, all the Islamic religion followers believed that one should dedicate themselves to Allah by fasting and purify their soul, visiting and praying in the mosque. The Islamic also believed that the holy book of the Islamic religion the "Qur'an" first verses were disclose to Prophet Muhammad during the holy month and the gates of Heaven are unfasten and the gates of hell are closed.
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1: Please indicate how many mosques were built on top of deliberately destroyed temples. In many cases, the stones were reused.
Posted by: Irreligious humanitarian - 29 Jul, 2014