Most Popular Summer Hill Stations in India

Most of the states of India have hill stations but few among them are prior to others with huge number of travelers in summer season. Western Ghats and Himalayan mountains are the major spot where most preferred places are situated. Look at most prioritized summer hill stations India.
Shimla in Summer
Coorg: Coorg is one among the most prioritized hill Station situated in Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. Since the spot is well famed as 'Scotland of India' among travelers prefers this place as a perfect getaway from the scorching heat. Travelers can spend few days in the cool surroundings which are boarded of lush green forest, tall hills, essence of coffee estates and pale green rice valleys in Coorg. Major attractions of this exceptional summer spot in India lies in lies in the calm banks of Kaveri River; waterfalls like Iruppu, Abbey and Mallalli, and Abbi Falls etc. Visitors can reach in the spot through well connected roads are there to reach Coorg from places like Coimbatore, Bangalore, Ooty and Mysore.

Ooty: Ooty is the most preferred scenic beauty spot in the Western Ghats of India. Ooty located in Nilgiri Hills of TamilNadu. Thick forests, sprawling grasslands, striking lakes tea gardens and eucalyptus trees etc gives you an exceptional coolness to your body and mind. Well connected roads from Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu will help us reach Ooty. Since Ooty is situated at a height of 2240m, summer temperature is rarely higher than 25c with a minimum of 10c.An exiting trip through Nilgiri Mountain Railway will grand you a tremendous experiance for future.
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