Most prominent City of Steel Bokaro

Bokaro city is located in the Indian state of Jharkhand famous for its rich mineral and steel plant known as Bokaro steel plant (BSL). It is the largest economy of the Steel City is heavily depended on the steel plant which is the primary source of income for the employees. After the 2001 downturn, steel prices hardened due to a huge rise in consumption by China and India. This resulted in large profits by SAIL which crossed a record Rs 60 billion (USD 1.3 Billions) by the end of FY' 06. It has maintained its profitability since then with a slight dip to Rs 49 billion (USD 1 Billions) in 2011 due to unfavorable economic conditions of 2011.The best 5 places which are famous in Bokaro are

Parasnath Hills are a range of hills located in Giridih district of Jharkhand. The highest peak is 1350 metres. In Jainism, the Parasnath hills are referred to as Shri Sammet Shikhar Teerth (Shikharji). They are one of the two most prominent Jain pilgrimage centres, the other being Shetrunjaya, located in Gujarat state of Western India. The hill is named after Parasnath, the 23rd Tirthankara. Twenty of the twenty-four Jain Tirthankaras attained salvation on this hill. According to some, nine Tirthakaras attained salvation on this hill.

Jagannath Temple, located in Sector IV, is a newly built temple. The temple is a replica of the famous temple in Puri, Orissa. King of Puri himself inaugurated the temple. The rath yatra is celebrated very beautifully in the Jangannath Temple by the Oriya community residing in Bokaro. This temple is one of the best in Jharkhand and is definitely worth a visit.

Bokaro steel Plant one of the oldest steel mills in the country, with an output capacity of more than five million tons of steel. Based on area, Bokaro Steel Plant was once considered to be the largest steel plant of Asia. The plant also has a power plant, now being run by Bokaro power Supply Company Ltd., a joint venture between SAIL and DVC. The plant is undergoing a modernization program, and the increased demand for steel over the last couple of years saw all the blast furnaces in the company becoming operational together for the first time. The company has about 30000 employees on its rolls as of 2005. BSL is well known for its flat products and in the recent times it has become the major producer of flat products in India.

Aaiyappa Mandir is located in Sector V near Bokaro Club. It holds a significant importance in the cultural and religious domain of the people from Southern India (especially Kerala) residing in Bokaro.

Gayatri Mandir is located in Sector IX/A. The Navmi Puja at Gayatri mandir is quite famous and the Khichdi which is distributed as the Prasad on the occasion of Naomi Puja is well known for its taste, inviting people from all the corners of the city.

These cities are visited by millions of tourists, across the globe, thought out the year. These are significant parts of India's economy and cultural heritage. These cities were our future and help in Indian growth of economy. This Bokaro city has its own important place in India's great city.
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