Most Remarkable Historical Monuments in Bangalore

Historical Monuments in Bangalore
Vidhan Soudha
Holding an area of 5, 50,505 square feet, the giant edifices of Bangalore also known as the largest Secretariat in India, the Vidhan Soudha lies in 7 Cubbon Park on Kasturba Road in Bangalore.

An impressive house of the State Legislature, the royal gazing Vidhan Soudha was administered and implemented by the late Chief Engineer B.R.Manickam, the edifice seized five thousand laborers, 1500 chi sellers, masons and wood carvers for four years where the impressive house extends 700 feet and deliberates as 350 feet width.

The flower-patterned beautification on stone carvings composed on Bangalore granite specifically; Magadi pink and Turuvekere black stones. The renowned shrine dexterity of South Indian, the building is an appealing amalgamation of the neo-Dravidian approach, British, Indio-Islamic and contemporary architecture.
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