Most Remarkable Historical Monuments in Bangalore

Historical Monuments in Bangalore
Devanahalli Fort
The sandstone built fort which are widening over an area of 20 acres of terra firma, the fort that positioned approximately 35 kilometers towards the north of Bangalore city, the Devanahalli fort is structured with small entrance hall adorned with incise plasterwork at the east and west.

The fort lies on the surface of National Highway 7 in the vicinity of the Bangalore International Airport at Devanahalli. Formerly constructed in 1501, the Devanahalli Fort has indeed under more than a few leaders.

Considered as an amazing historical monument in Bangalore, the Devanahalli Fort has its own momentous chronological and archeological significance. Preliminary with the Mallabaire Gowda and shifted to Dalwai of Mysore who factually built the fort was under attacked by Nanjarajaiah in 1749, afterward it budge again to the hands of Hyder Ali and then end with Tipu Sultan of Mysore.
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