Most Romantic Places to See Sunset in India

Bangalore: There is certainly something magical about nature's fascinating phenomenon 'Sunset' something that is romantic and divine. Have you ever imagined how beautiful your evening can be? Watching sunset at the dusk of the day is just heavenly. As it is greatly said "Rejoice when you see sunset and be grateful if you wake to see the sunrise." We have uncovered some of the world's most romantic and popular places to watch Sunset.

Sunset at Fort Cochin


During the evenings of May and June, the sky looks spectacular with strokes of orange and yellow in front of the cool setting sun. The famous Chinese fishing nets in the central square of Fort Kochi often define the landscape of this quaint town. The huge, elegant Chinese Fishing nets that line the northern shore of Fort Cochin adds grace to the waterside view of the Arabian Sea, and is probably the most beautiful sunset with the silhouettes of fishermen working at these nets to get the catch home and have a lucrative evening. The fishermen also let the tourists give a helping hand to enjoy the experience.
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1: Isn't this sunrise at KanyaKumari. The sunset is on the other end - don't remember the name, but there is a light house or something
Posted by: Ravi - 09 Mar, 2013