Most Romantic Places to See Sunset in India

Sunset at Kanyakumari


There are very few places on this beautiful earth where one can witness both the sunrise and the sunset over the horizon. One amongst them is Kanyakumari which is the tip of the Indian mainland. Kanyakumari which is also known as Cape Comorin, the place where the three humungous water bodies namely, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal meet up. People cannot stop gazing at the darkening horizon and enjoy the moments of solitude. Sunset is more spectacular than a sunrise here and witnessing the setting of the sun makes up for a serene holiday. Lakhs of tourist, round the year are lured by the serene beauty of this place and the spectacles of sunrise and sunset. One can view both sunrise and sunset throughout the year from atop a hill called Murugan Kundram which offers a panoramic view of Kanyakumari. The sunset and moonrise can be seen almost simultaneously on full moon days from the same spot. It is a unique spectacle.
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1: Isn't this sunrise at KanyaKumari. The sunset is on the other end - don't remember the name, but there is a light house or something
Posted by: Ravi - 09 Mar, 2013