Most Visited Hill Stations In North India

hill stations north india

Darjeeling Hill Station - The Land of Emerald Tea Plantations

The most breathtaking hill stations in India, bounded by enormous Himalayan range, Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest; the Queen of hill stations also the World Heritage. Darjeeling Mountain Railway stands brashly on Indian facades.

Most visited hill stations in north India, Darjeeling serves trekking and ropeways traverse on the hills where one can enjoy the famous toy train voyage. The 78 kilometers of impressive and remarkable journey will come transversely with its hills stations waterfalls, profound valleys, towards its breathtaking panorama with its live transform weather. Not only that, the voyage will take to its leading attractions for the visitors Batasia loop, botanical garden, a souk place; Chowrasta, Dhoom, Happy Valley State of tea garden and several more.

The heavenly paradise hill station of Darjeeling is one of the most admired tea stations in the world; the most visited hills station is cheerful, energizing and inspiring for the essence.
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