Most Visited Hill Stations In North India

hill stations north india
Manali- Prime Honeymoon destination

Manali is one trilling tourist most visited place of miscellany hills station with enchanted beauty and adrenaline driving activities like aero sports, the hills station renowned as the "Prime Honeymoon destination" of India.

The best romantic places for honeymoon also one of the best top ten hill stations of India, Manali offers the whole lot for a tourist.Its snow-covered mountains, flourishing forests and wide grazing land of the natural picturesque glimpses of this dazzling hill station are equivalent to heaven.

On the other side, Manali's twin sister the gorgeous looking hill stations; Kullu is known as the "Valley of Gods". The magnificent land of Kullu is over flooded by the tourists throughout the year. The majesty and the environs of the Himalayas, Kullu is bejeweled by numerous stunning fragments of temples and carnivals.
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