Most Visited Hill Stations In North India

hill stations north india

Shillong - The Road Less Travelled

The Road less travel in the capital of Meghalaya and in the most beautiful state of India, Shillong is a hill town balanced at a height of 1496 meters above sea level.

The most visited hill station in North east India; Shillong is prominent for its unsoiled, tranquil, blustery and smog free hill station's personality.The incredible hills station is surrounded by far-fetched waterfalls, pine tree afforest, arresting lakes, flourishing green mountains and prominent for the best golf course in Asia.

Among the numerous tourist attractive spots, the most eminent Anglican Cemetery; an aged fashioned graveyard, Lum Nehru Park, Lady Hydari Park, Beadon Falls, Spread Eagle Fall, Elephant Falls, Bishop Falls, Botanical gardens, and Thadlaskein Lake where the overwhelming prettiness of the lakes are couldn't be uttered in vocabulary.
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