Most Visited Historical Monuments in Mumbai

Historical Monuments in Mumbai
The gateways of India
Among the top most Mumbai's Historical monuments, the first and foremost tourist target destinations, the visitor's most venerable Historical monument "the gateways of India" stands untouched in the middle of the town.

The remarkable architectural monuments of 1911 were built as a triumphal archway to remember the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in India.

The four towers monument, considered thorny engraved, the monuments that scratched into the yellow basalt, sandstone "The gateways of India" is one of the most prominent pictogram of colonialism in India. Its water frontage vision, its adjacent hotels and restaurants, its boat jaunt, its Elephanta cavern are beyond unrivaled.

Today, the gateway of India is undeniably considered the most crowded blemish for locals in Mumbai; the jam packed area of the city is filled with ornament sellers, balloon sellers, vendors, photographers and many more.
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