Most Visited Places In France

Most Visited Places In France Loire Valley
The area that symbolizes its 15th to 18th century, the visitors most visited valley also the most spectacular and glorious castles of French upper classes, the world most famous castle "the Loire Valley "also known as the "Garden of France".

The massive moist grounds of the valley widen almost 175 miles all along the Loire Valley, the waterway that satire and spin throughout the France's most good-looking villages and delightful houses and castles.

The skull of France, the Loire Valley is a home to major wines, delicious treat and amazing food where its incredible vista of the valley is breathtakingly attractive. Moreover the valleys own many towns of Chartres, its magnificent structural design and In fact, the cathedral has been reserved as a universal edifying heritage site by the United Nations.

Some of the towns in the valley like Amboise are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, having said that the well-known Leonardo da Vinci was buried in the Chateau.
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