Most Wonderful Sightseeing Places in Northeast India

Sightseeing Places in Northeast
Meghalaya, the state which is known as the Abode of the Clouds is considered one of the wettest lands on earth. Its capital Shillong was a well-liked hill station throughout colonial times.

The state which still holds the picture of remaining tricks being a title fairway and polo ground, the Victorian bungalows, and sanctuaries, its concrete structures still has not lost its fabulousness.

Its superb favored peaks, hollows, waterfalls, lakes and old living root compasses makes Meghalaya a victor amongst the most excellent states with greatest number of known caves. The state grasps amounts of excellent towns, particularly in Jaintia Slopes of Meghalaya where the stunning looking uninhibitedly streaming Dawki or Umngot Waterway in Shillong offers a standout amongst the loveliest perspectives of the city.
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