Mountain Biking in India



Mountain biking in The Himalayas will prove to be a life time experience to the people who like adventure to be a part of their life. Flying down the risky terrains is a demanding task which offers great fun and excitement. Moreover, the environment which is free of pollution and lightly trafficked roads makes the ride an unforgettable experience.
Here are some of the routes for biking treks in the Himalayas
Kufri- Narkanda- Sungri- Jeori- Sangle- Karcham-Bhawanager- Sainj- Basantpur- Shimla

Kufri- Narkanda- Shemsher- Ghiagi- Koti- Chattru- Takcha- Rangrik- Tabo- Chango- Powari- Jeori- Sungri- Tiuni-Nerwa-Paonta- Sahib


Kufri- Narkanda- Nankhari- Sungri- Tiuni- Lakhawati- Paonta sahib
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