No design defect in hot water spill from KNPP valve: AERB

New Delhi, The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has concluded there was no design deficiency involved in the recent hot water spillage at the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) Unit 1 last week which caused burn injuries to workers.

"Based on the investigations of AERB at site, it is concluded that there was no design deficiency with respect to the construction of the said valve," the Department of Atomic Energy said in a release here Tuesday, adding that the incident was caused by the dismantling of its 500 mm-sized valve.

"It is concluded that the incident of the hot water spillage leading to the hot water burn injuries to three of Nuclear Power Corp (NPCIL) workers and three of the contract workers was during maintenance of a 3-way hot water inlet valve to a heater loop in the turbine building of KNPP Unit 1 (which was under shutdown during the maintenance period) due to trapped hot water release," the statement said.

"This was due to inadequate draining of the hot water before taking up the routine maintenance work on the valve," it added.

R.S. Sundar, site director, KNPP, earlier said the reactor was safe and continued to operate safely, and the public need not have any apprehension about its safety.

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