Park street, kolkata a hub for christmas party in india

It's fun to explore the culture of Kolkata the Indian city of West Bengal. Kolkata is truly a city of talent and passion, where people are lively and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest. Festivities are an integral part of the city. Calcutta hosts a variety of fairs, film fests, music conferences and folk fairs. It houses the Marwari's, Parses, Anglo Indians, Jews, Armenians and the joyous people of China town. Kolkata has a plethora of tourist attraction places encompassing museums, galleries, heritage buildings, amusement parks, temples, churches and synagogues.

kolkata christmas party
Great preparations are made for the occasion in Kolkata. All houses and churches are cleaned and white washed. The walls are decorated with paper flowers, pictures, looking glasses and the wall buntings. All the Christians rich or poor, young or old take part in it. The shopkeepers who sell Christmas cards and Christmas presents decorate their shops with beautiful pictures and toys. They do so to attract people to their shop.

Christmas was a big festival in Kolkata during the British Raj but has slowly declined in importance since. The Anglo-Indian community still celebrates Christmas in a big way, with a huge service at St. Paul's Cathedral and with the Park Street restaurant district and New Market decked out on the 24th and 25th. The multicultural nature of Kolkata becomes apparent as the most sought after confectionaries during this time were from the British confectioners Fury's and Jewish confectioners Nahoum's.

Park street, kolkata

Christmas carols, choir, light and sound exhibition, rock music, shimmering lights, delectable food - these are the myriad nuances of Christmas Celebration at Park Street in Kolkata. Christmas in Kolkata cannot be complete without an illuminated Park Street and a mad jostle to get into one of the famed restaurants at the city's entertainment hub. Kolkata will be swinging to the Yuletide spirit like never before this winter.

Park Street has been the recreation zone for Kolkata people since the British era. However, in the last 20 years, many new restaurants, malls, 5-star hotels and nightclubs have opened in other areas of the city and Park Street has lost much of its earlier attraction as being the numerous Uno entertainment hub of Kolkata. However, it is still one of the prime commercial and entertainment zones of the city. Park Street is traditionally decorated with lights on Diwali, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve.

Clubs, pubs, and party arena in park street

There are many bars in restaurants around Park Street, good for a few drinks albeit in slightly boozy all-male environments (lone women should exercise judgment), and a few trendy clubs in up market hotels, but little in between. Kolkata is short on a middle ground of mainstream pubs popular with a mix of people, the like seen in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru (Bangalore), but there is a slowly growing number and variety of venues.

Most nightclubs have a mix of music styles, with variations of reggae, blues, disco, hip hop, trance, Hindi pop and remixed bhangra (Punjabi dance music). Dress code for hotel nightclubs is strictly smart casual; single males are often denied entry unless they are staying at the hotel in which the nightclub is located. Some of the examples were as a reference were:-

The Park

This hotel nightspot has a great selection of drinking and dancing venues: Someplace Else, an English-style pub with different live music every night, Tantra, a very stylish lounge bar and club, and Roxy, which is a classy cocktail bar boasting a fantastic beverage list as well as cigars to puff on.

Lytton Hotel

If you're in the mood for a quiet beer or whatever, this is a pleasant bar in which to unwind from the madness of the Kolkata streets outside. Small and intimate, it's very friendly, and centrally located, just around the corner from the Indian Museum and New Market.

Someplace Else

The Park Hotel's rock music venue is Kolkata's prime site for live contemporary music, with the top local bands appearing on a regular basis. If it's guitars and drums that excite you, this is the venue to visit.


Situated in the ITC Sonar Hotel, it's one of the ubiquitous international 'Irish' pubs, with a packed dance floor at weekends and different sections with contrasting ambience. A reasonable place to hang out if you're in the mood, but it's not cheap a Guinness will set you back Rs300 or so.
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