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The Bangalore Fort
bangalore fort bangalore

The Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda and expanded by Tippu Sultan. The fort has rooms that were used by Tipu Sultan and his father, Hyder Ali to contain British prisoners in the 1780s. Well-fortified by Tipu, the fort has been a mute witness to the Mysore wars which saw the fort finally being captured by The British East India Company in 1791. It once boasted of many gates but today only the exquisitely carved Delhi Gate remains on the Krishnarajendra Road.

It still bears the three original massive iron knobs and a marble plaque that marks a breach in the doorway that betrayed the fort to the British.The Bangalore Palace is a 120-year old historical monument of Bangalore, built by the then first Principal of the present day Central College, Rev. Garrett. It was purchased by the Maharaja of Mysore, Chamaraja Wodeyar, in 1884. Deeply inspired by the Windsor castle, he incorporated in the palace all the features of the Tudor or the English-gothic style of architecture that include fortified towers, gothic windows, battlements, turreted parapets and arches.

The Bangalore Fort is noted for the beautifully carved arches, minarets and paintings that bear the influence of Islam. Originally built in mud, Hyder Ali built the fort in stone and was then strengthened by Tipu Sultan by means of battlements and turrets. It is now in ruins. But that hardly takes away the glory from it. It is a fine example of religious tolerance. The Mysore Tiger ‘Tipu Sultan’ never demolished the Ganesh Temple inside the fort.

Time: 10am to 6pm (Sunday holiday)

How To Reach:Inside City
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