Prioritized Packing List for Travelers to India on Monsoon Season

Monsoons can be the finest occasion to travel in many parts of India. It is the time when nature is at its supreme but it also augurs a hard time for vacationers and in some destinations it is the end of the holiday season.
Travel Package

Dress and Cosmetics: Knee length pants and pants in dark colors. This will help you avoid getting the bottoms of your pants wet, and will also hide speckled mud. Cotton and linen fabrics let your skin to exhale in hot temperatures, try avoiding synthetics, unless they are sports clothes designed to wick away sweat. For ladies travelers water proof makeup is more comfortable. Pair of lightweight pants made from quick-drying material. Wool hat, light merino jacket, rain jacket, light running shorts is essential in mansoon seasons as well.
Vaccinations: Preventive vaccinations (cholera, yellow fever, typhoid) and malaria medication is highly recommended however consult with your personal physician beforehand. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Measles and tetanus, are needs to be up-to-date. India has top-of-the-line medical facilities in all its major cities. Travel insurance gives you better protections
Bags: Throw a silica bag in with your electronics when you are travelling during the monsoon. so that your belongings keep dry. It is also wise to purchase a plastic case for your phone, wallet and passport and ensure that electronic goods are kept securely dry in your bag. Small shoulder bag, which I used to carry my passport, cards, camera, and drink bottle when out and about.
Footwear: Air flip flops are required protect your feet against grimy shower floors. If you intend to go out in the evenings, bring a pair of dress shoes as well. The rest you can easily get along the way. It is heard way hard way to always wear socks while traveling in most of the part of India.
Toiletries: small block of shaving soap, razor, sink plug, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, insect repellant, floss, contact lenses and small bottle of solution. Pack your favorite hair products as the range of gels and hair sprays is limited. Keeping a hair dryer is an added advantage in monsoon
Medicines: First aid supplies, particularly disinfectant scrubs and adhesive bandages/plaster.
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