Remarkably Old Architecture Design in India

Mughal Era

A standout amongst the most well known structural architecture, the Mughal architecture and Indo-Islamic architecture of Mughal Era, 1526 AD to 1857 AD structural configuration landmarks had won millions and a large number of hearts till today.

Among the most acclaimed, architectural monuments of Mughal Era, the Harmandir Sahib; the holiest altar of the Sikh religion, Qutub Minar an Islamic building design in India, Mughal tombs of sandstone and marble show Persian impact, The Red Stronghold at Agra and the walled city of Fatehpur Sikri are amid the structural achievements. On the other side, utilizing the twofold arch, the recessed entrance, white marble and parks while focusing on symmetry, the rule of Shah Jahan; the Taj Mahal is conspicuous all through the world.
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