River Cruises to Explore India's Brilliant Landscape

Bangalore: India is slowly becoming the heart of travel destinations with distinct marine life and natural beauty spread across evenly. Listen to the chirping birds while you take a ride in rural India admiring nature, combining the hues of birds and mammals and the pleasant feeling of sailing away. Here are nine beautiful landscapes spread across India,as listed by the Economic Times.

Ganga River Cruise:

The Gangetic plains and the tributaries across the Hooghly in Kolkata offer a couple of pleasant sights, upholding all the ancient monuments in India.
Some of the monuments that you will get a sight of in the stretch are structures from the time of the East India Company like- Writer's Building, The General Post Office, The High court, The Town Hall, Council House and Treasury Building. The Dalhousie Square, St. Johns Church and Victoria Memorial are also seen as you sail through the waters, reports ET.
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