River Cruises to Explore India's Brilliant Landscape

Sunderban Cruise:

Home to the Royal Bengal Tigers, the Suderbans are a den to all the wild animals in India. Also being one of the largest mangrove areas, it's a delight to visit the tiger reserve in Kolkata. Whether it is the Fisherman's cove, the crocodiles of Bhagabatpur or a three century old ancient temple, you have it all!If you are one of them who love fierce animals, Sudhanyakhali would be an ideal hideout.

Narmada Cruise:

The Narmada cruise will show you the central part of India, i.e. the Madhya Pradesh, the land that takes you centuries back, with the culture followed there. The temple civilization is predominant as you take a look from the banks.

Narmada Parikrama:

The Narmada Parikrama refers to the process of circumambulation or Pradakshina of the River Narmada because it is considered sacred according to Hindu Mythology. Though the length is 1312 Km, one can immerse himself into the holy waters of the River
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