Rs 6 lakh per night stay: Most Expensive Indian Hotels

The Oberoi, Mumbai

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton chose this hotel during his visit to India, and resorted to their luxury services. Overlooking the Queens necklace, the Oberoi has always been synonymous with luxury. The hotel offers top notch service and good food and luxurious rooms combined with great ambience. Quiet as quiet can be. And the sunset views from the west rooms or the sea wall at nariman is sublime. Adding to the charm and pleasurable experience are the friendly and warm staff.

Deluxe Room at the Oberoi can cost you about Rs 25,000 and Presidential Suite a grand Rs 3 lakh.
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1: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur is really one of the most expensive hotels in India. I have read many traveler reviews on and I am pretty amazed with the traveler feedback.
Posted by: Pranav Datt - 08 Sep, 2014