Seized illegal wildlife products fed to flames at Delhi Zoo

New Delhi, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar Sunday said the government will not tolerate illegal trade of wildlife products, as the authorities destroyed a consignment of illegal wildlife products in the capital.

The products were consigned to flames at the National Zoological Park here.

Presiding over the event, Javadekar stressed the need for "harmonious co-existence".

The minister said that by burning the illegal wildlife products, the government wanted to send a strong signal against unethical and unlawful trade of wildlife products.

The illegal wildlife products - including those derived from tigers, elephants, leopards, lions, snakes, deer, owls, mongoose, and shells - were pulverised and burned by environment ministry officials at the zoo.

Javadekar said the money generated from illegal trafficking and trade of animals and poaching always found a way into illegal activities.

"Unethical use of products of various animals and plants, often based on unjustified reasons has been a factor flaming illegal activities like poaching, smuggling and illegal wildlife trade," he said.

An environment ministry statement said the event was a step towards appreciating the efforts of various law enforcement agencies like forest and wildlife departments, wildlife crime control bureau, police, customs and many others for checking illegal trade of such products.


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