Street Shopping Destination In Mumbai

Chor Bazaar shopping places mumbai
According to the mythology, the Chor Bazaar senses "Thief market" however contrasting to its given name the bazaar is eminent for recycled goods and not stolen merchandise. The extraordinary antique and vintage items of the market sparkle all over the nation. The "Shor Bazaar" is the ex- named where it demonstrated "the noisy market". The Bazaar is regard as the oldest and biggest market in India. The Mumbai tourist magnetism the "Chor Bazaar" lies in the South Mumbai.

The areas are positioned on Mutton Street where the place is filled with rundown structure buildings on the crowded streets with almost collapse shops. Despite of all this; the most enthralling verity of the Chor Bazaar is in fact; the only rooms doorway for many goods be it Victorian furniture to antiques, fashion to electronics and so on. The collections of goods that accessible for customers in this Bazaar are exceptional where every shopaholics be it local populace or global tourist indeed fumble around for goods at low cost.
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