Sun, Sea And Sand: 12 Most Scenic Beaches In India

Bangalore: Glittering sand, endless waves and pristine blue sky are beyond the definition of beauty. There is certainly something magical about nature's fascinating sea beaches, something that is romantic, beautiful and divine. Beaches always catch a tourist's fancy. Sea, sand and sun are an irresistible combination for travelers. From the prominent beaches to little known beaches in the Odhisha and West Bengal, there are many beautiful Indian beaches to explore. Here are the most beautiful beaches in India to get lost in the awe inspiring seascape.

Radha Nagar Beach, Havelock


White sand and amazing surrounding is the beauty of Radha Nagar Beach. It one of the popular Beaches located at Havelock in Andaman & Nicobar Island. The marvelous Radha Nagar Beach is also known as Beach No.7 on Havelock. The charming and calm beach, far away from the polluted cities, is the supreme place to lay down all the worries. Air travel is the most suitable way to reach Radha Nagar Beach and it is well connected with Port Blair and Chennai.
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1: No beach from gujrat?
Posted by: saumil - 09 Jul, 2013