Top 10 Heritage Cave Temples of India

Thrikkur Mahadeva Temple, Thrissur

Thrikkur Mahadeva temple is one of the few cave temples in Kerala, which is located near Manali river in Thrissur. A 6 ft natural stone lingam is preserved in this large and magnificent Shiva Temple. A waterhole on the topmost part of the rock, which never dries even during the scorching summer heat, is something astonishing. Lord Ganesh, Ayyappa, Skanda or Lord Muruga, Parvati and a Shivlinga are the other deities of this temple. Along with the divine passion and holiness you can feel here, the amazing architecture and beauty of the place are worth mentioning.
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2: You'll love it
Posted by: sumochen - 26 Dec, 2012
3: This is a list prepared by an intellectually shallow
Posted by: Vasant - 19 Sep, 2012
4: Thanks for the interesting information, I will certainly bookmark this and also dream to visit these beautiful places. :-))
Posted by: Patricia - 09 Aug, 2012
5: Missed an ancient cave temple at Bangalore, called Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple
Posted by: Ramanna - 31 Jul, 2012
6: Vaishnodevi Temple has been forgotten here. It also is one of the most important and holy temples of hindus and hundreds of thousands of people visit this temple each year.
Posted by: Kumar - 27 Jul, 2012
7: since it is not a cave temple it not listed :)
Hemanth replied to: Kumar post - 29 Jul, 2012
8: Well Tiruparangundram temple in Madurai is one among them as well
Tamilian replied to: Kumar post - 28 Jul, 2012
9: Rightly said about the holy shrine of Mata Rani.
Sitakanta Behera replied to: Kumar post - 28 Jul, 2012
10: really amazing.....
Posted by: parvathy - 27 Jul, 2012