Top 10 Paradises on Earth

There are some heavenly spots on the earth which people cannot stop gazing at and they fell in short of words to describe its mesmerizing beauty. Lakhs of tourist, round the year are lured by the serene beauty of these destinations and they find their way to grasp the unbeatable charm of these paradises.
10. Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico

Isla Vieques is one of the most beautiful islands of Puerto Rico in northeastern Caribbean, which remains an untouched paradise on earth with lush green forests, boundless stretches of white sand with rolling hills in the background. Till few years ago, the place was under the control of navy, but luckily no longer, which makes it possible for normal people to enjoy the beauty of this heaven.
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1: This info is amazing, but if we can get near by air port details or how to reach and accommodation and local currency details etc.........will definitely help travel to these locations.
Posted by: M C Reddy - 18 Jun, 2012