Top 10 Visa On Arrival Destinations For Indians

Bangalore: Travelling abroad always catches an Indian's fancy. After deciding your dream location, the first thing that hits the mind is to obtain a visa and not the ticket and travelling costs. Though such costs are equally important, without visa you are not allowed to step into your desired location. But there are places where Indians get visa on arrival and can actually take the traveling pleasure. A visa on arrival is a tourist visa which can be obtained after landing at the airport and seaports. It gives a permit of 30 days since the day of arrival, but can be extended if required. Below listed are some of the top tourist destinations where Indians get visas on arrival, as listed by



Cambodia was issued the visa on arrival to draw the Buddhism connected tourists and travelers. In 2011, 73 visas on arrival were issued which decreased to 52 last year. The visa on arrival offer is reciprocated by Cambodia for the same reason to promote the Buddhism travelers as India does. The visa gives a permit to stay a maximum of 30 days and holds a passport size photo in it. The applicable fee of the visa is $20.
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Posted by: Nayan Dave - 07 May, 2013