Top 5 Amazing Restaurants in Coorg

Amazing Restaurants in Coorg
One of the most famous tourist destination of Karnataka, the district Kodagu which is also known as Coorg is situated in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka.

The slightest population region of Karnataka, Coorg is heavenly paradise with its gorgeousness, the tourist magnetism district Coorg is personified with its coffee plantations and realm of cultural warrior. The prosperous province in terms of agriculture and natural resources precisely; timber and spices where the gorgeous looking hill station is momentous in terms of Coorgi cuisine.

An extremely exceptional and idiosyncratic food of Kodagu with lots of spices is utterly delicious where rice is one central food. Among the best known food for the Coorgi cuisine pork is one of the most important cuisines and in fact; the Coorgi cuisine is primarily non-vegetarian where fruits like jackfruit, jungle mangoes, kembh leaves are very famous. Today; the best restaurants in Coorg, persistently triumphed over millions and millions of tourists across the globe.
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