Top 5 Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata

Enjoy the most authentic and appetizing flavor of Bengali cuisine in Kolkata. Seafood, especially shellfish subjugated is unrivaled with any other gastronomy in the world. The mouth diluted dinning knowledge of Bengali food, emblematic dinning traditions of Bengalis intake of lacto-vegetarian dishes follow by fish and subsequently the meat to uphold the delicate savor is just noteworthy.

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata

The city Kolkata; once called as Calcutta is ingrained by the Bengali cuisine where it's amazing food and its flavors excellently dominates the country. "Kolkata Chinese" and "Anglo-Indian" dishes from Kolkata street food is vividly incredible. Among the best restaurants and dining spots in Kolkata, namely Oh! Calcutta, 6 Ballygunge Place, Kasturi, the Bhoj Company, Bhojohori Manna, Kewpie's Kitchen is considered the top 6 Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata
Oh! Calcutta The most popular vapor fish essence with lemon; Gandharaj Bhetki and mango hilsa fish Aam Ilish dinning place, the award winning, well dining restaurants Oh! Calcutta lies at the Forum Mall on 10/3 Elgin Road by Lala Lajpat Rai Sarani, Kolkata.

An appetizing food of eastern India and Bangladesh; the Bengali cuisine is prominent in terms of fish. Freshwater grasp carp from the lusty rivers, lagoon and millpond of the Ganges Delta or multiplicity of prawn and sea water fish like Ilish stylishly adorned with a fine-dining flavor Oh! Calcutta is an astonishing place to begin the Bengali gastronomic trip. The smoked boneless hissed and smoked Bhetki that marinades with mustard paste and green chilies then wrapped in banana leaf and vaporize; boneless Hosea is just amazing. Bengali sweets like mishti doi, customary yoghurt or the home-based palm jaggery ice cream has an amazing flavor.

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata
6 Ballygunge Place An aged country house of hundred years, in Ballygunge, DD 31 A, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata is ornamented with pictures of mature Kolkata. The top most restaurants "6 Ballygunge Place" offers the most brilliant ambience for a multi course Bengali food.

The fine dining restaurants of 6 Ballygunge Place tenders for both vegetarian and non vegetarian where the place is famous for the Pabda Macher Jhal; the spicy fish curry, geared up with mustard paste and poppy nub. The characteristics of the restaurant menu caters to every flavor, be it from tourist attractions comprise of the customary Bengali peppery mutton curry kasha mangsho or one of the most favorite amid Bengali prawns cooked in mustard; daab chingri. Among the best signature dishes of 6 Ballygunge Place are Kakra Shorshe, Bhapa Ilish and parched Sandesh and the recurrent Nolen Gur Ice Cream.

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata
Kasturi Established in 1994, Kasturi restaurant is one of the top most Bengali restaurants. The best Bengali food of 2012 and 2013 by Times Food Awards, Bengali restaurant Kasturi is reputed as one of the top fancy food restaurant.

The restaurants located in 7A Mustaque Ahmed Street, New Market Area, and Kolkata. The restaurants tender a cautious ingredient assortment and special cooking methods where the restaurant focuses on healthy ingestion. The ground floor is completely initialized legroom fills with wash basin, a refrigerator & a waiting area where from the first floor has a few fantastic tiny eating rooms with extremely low top limit.

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata
The Bhoj Company Among the top 5 Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata, the Bhoj Company is considered one of the finest restaurants. The Bhoj Company restaurant is location in 30A free School Street, New Market Area, Mirza Ghalib Street.

The New Market locale portion primarily Dhakai Bangladeshi cuisine, established in 2012, Bhoj Company is a comparatively new dining scene in Kolkata. Diminutive yet elegant restaurant Bhoj Company has its own charm and magnetism towards the customers. The restaurants food is reasonably priced, super genuine and well serving.

Among the best cuisine, Kochu Pata Diye, Ilish Bhapa, Bhetki Patur; the best Bengali beloved Bhetki (Sheephead) fished enfolded in banana leaf with mustard paste and cooked in steam through slow cooking, and Chingri Machher Malai Curry; the best prawn curry with coconut is unsurpassed.

Bengali Restaurants in Kolkata
Bhojohori Manna The restaurant BHOJOHORI MANNA is forename after the prominent Bengali song of Manna Dey in the 70's.

The family restaurant Bhojohori Manna attempts to endorse the old world with its concepts, the "pice hotel" tenders an enjoyable variety of Bengali cuisine. The menu is handwritten on a whiteboard with the season, the weather conditions, and the celebrations and certainly the raw material obtainable on that specified day.

The best place; Bhojohori Manna serves flavorsome Bengali cuisine. The restaurant located at Ekdalia Road, Hazra, and Salt Lake Sectors I and V, Star Theatre, Ruby, Esplanade, and Hindustan Road Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry) and Daab Chingri (coconut prawn curry). The most famous dishes with amazing ingredient are mochar ghonto; saucer made typically from banana flowers curried with spices, mustard oil, and ghee. Jumbo Chingri Malaikari; cooked in a skinny and flavorful coconut based curry sauce.
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