Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes of India

Beautiful Lakes of India
Gurudongmar Lake-Sikkim
Arranged at an elevation of 17,800 feet over the ocean level, the Lake that considered as one the most holy lakes by the Buddhists and Hindus indistinguishable, the most delightful and awe inspiring lake remains milky in color throughout the year.

Gurudongmar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. Sited 190 kms from Gangtok, the crisp water lake is to be found in the northeast of the Kanchenjunga extend in Sikkim. Spots of love and in addition, tourism spot, Sikkim is considered to have the most excellent natural lakes on the planet. There is an arrangement of delightful lakes in Sikkim accurate; the Tsomgo Lake which is known as the frozen lake in India and Khecheopalri Lake otherwise called the wishing lake.
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Posted by: Dudhwa National Park - 21 Jun, 2016
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Posted by: Johnsmith - 02 May, 2015
3: These are really beautiful lakes in India. There are many beautiful destinations to visit in incredible India however, nothing could bestow the tranquility and serenity that a natural scenic place holds. Lakes in India are amongst the well-chosen places for lending serenity and delightfulness to the soul.
Posted by: Prefertrip - 25 Feb, 2015