Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Mexico

Top 5 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Mexico Isla Mujeres
The small paradise island of one of the municipalities of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo lies on the Yucatan Peninsula; Isla Mujeres is also identified as the Island of the Women.

A dumpy ferryboat traverse from Cancun, the visitor's most obsessing isle of Mexico, the main selling point; the Isla Mujeres is well idea for Swim, snorkel or scuba diving and so on.

The diminutive Island has its own remarkable history since 1517. The small fisherman village of Puerto Morelos the Isla Mujeres is easy to get near thus, countless number of people stopovers for a day too.

The island is in fact slighter than Cozumel and less fashionable as balance with others nevertheless the small township has its own charm and magnetism be it in term of brilliant shopping, great restaurants and numerous more where the island greetings over 3 million visitors per annum.
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