Top 5 Most Visited Restaurants in Ooty

Restaurants in Ooty
Considered one of the oldest restaurants, the restaurants which are executing since 30 years; the Shinkow's restaurant of Ooty doles out the most consistent Chinese food at sensible prices.

The young Chow Fried Chicken noodles, its wonderful flavorsome pineapple roast with the chicken and its exceptional Chilly Beef; the spicy deep fried dish has brilliant taste where an economical restaurant of Ooty, the Shinkow's restaurant tenders the best quality of squashy and slash with slender beef where it's amazing pork dishes is the focal point of accessibility. The restaurant serves boundless options on the Vegetarians menu.

Unquestionably; the old Chinese restaurant Shinkow's is considered one of the best and most visited dining restaurants in the town today.

Address: 38/83 Commissioner's Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu
Cuisine: Chinese
Timing: 12:00 am – 4:00 pm, 6:30–9:45 pm
Price range: Rs.50 to Rs.150, Open during lunch and dinner hours.
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