Top 5 Schools in Bangalore

Clarence High School
Clarence High School
Clarence High School is a minority institution founded in 1914 by the Redwood brothers, Alfred and Walter. and named after their own school in Somerset, U.K. The founders' vision was to provide a sound education based on Christian principles which would result in an all round development of the student. It is to these British missionaries that the school owes its distinctive philosophy, which is based on and summed up in the words from the Holy Bible, The reverence of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Therefore, in keeping with the vision of it's founders, Clarence High School strives to inspire it's students towards moral integrity and character development, giving them resources that will endure throughout life.

The Chemistry laboratory at Clarence High School is one of the best among the schools in Bangalore. It is a large room with many windows opening out into the playground. This coupled with the exhaust fans ensures that the different gases that may be given off during the experiments do not affect the students working inside.
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