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Qila Mubarak
Qila Mubarak Amritsar
Situated in Bhatinda city of the present Indian state of Punjab, Qila Mubarak is a monument of great historical importance. The presence of the fort can be traced back to the 90-110 AD. Razia Sultana, the first and only lady ruler of the Delhi Sultanates was kept imprisoned in this fort after she was defeated and dethroned. The construction of the fort was done during the reign of the Kushanas. The Kushana ruler of Northern India, Kanishka had built this fort along with Raja Dab.

Qila Mubarak is in itself a great attraction for the tourists visiting Bhatinda. The fort is as discussed is full of historical significances. The fort has many stories to lend to its visitors. It gives goose bumps to one to know they are visiting a place where great rulers like that of Kanishka, Razia Sultana, Sultan Mahmud, Prithvi Raj Chauhan and others had once walked through.The Qila Mubarak has an old fashioned doorway which might give you the royal impulse. The best part of this you would be able to find huge number of pigeons flocking in this wrecked part of the majestic fort.It is one of the highest forts built with small bricks. That is why; it gives a spectacular view of the Bhatinda town from the top of the Qila Mubarak.

In the Qila Mubarak complex there are other attractions as well. Firstly, this place has got two Gurudwaras inside the fort complex because the Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs had visited this place.The prison that was built to imprison Delhi’s Sultana Razia is also present inside and is a great attraction for the visitors of this fort.Due to the calm and serene atmosphere of the fort this is a great place to pass your time during your stay in Bhatinda. Moreover, some people choose this place as a picnic spot as well.

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