Top 6 Uttarakhand Travel Destinations

nainital uttarakhand
Nainital is a beautiful lake resort situated at an height of 1938 meters. Nainital tourism offers the visitor a memorable stay anytime of the year.Nainital is one of the most prominent hill resorts in the Indian subcontinent.Nainital tourism flourishes during the summer months i.e from April to November, when visitors from the plains come to Nainital to escape the blazing heat of the Indian summer.Nainital tourism provides for boating and yachting in Naina lake. Fishing is also permitted with prior permission from the local.

Major attractions in Nainital are Dorothy Seat, Dorothy Seat provides the visitor a partial view of Nainital and its surrounding regions. It is situated at an height of 2,292 meters above sea-level.Hanumangarhi, Hanumangarhi is popular for its spectacular view of the sunset. There is also a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Hanuman. Hanumangarhi is situated at an height of 1,951 meters above sea level.Kilbury, Kilbury is an ideal place for a picnic. It is situated at an height of 2,194 meters.Land's End, Land's End offers spectacular views of Khurpatal and its surroundings. Land's End is situated at an altitude of 2.118 meters.Khurpatal, Khurpatal is situated on Nainital-Kaladhungi-Ramnagar Road. Khurpatal is an angler's utopia. Fishing permits are available from the Deputy Commissioner Nainital.

The town gets equally crowded during the September-October season which coincides with the Diwali and Puja holidays. However, like most hill resorts, it has its quite periods too. During the winter, Nainital is quite another beautiful experience when it reverts back to the local population and the crowds are absent. Peaceful, open, and invigorating.
In Indian mythology, Nainital is regarded as one of the 64 'Shakti Peeths'. Legend has it that a grief stricken Lord Shiva was carrying Sati's body and one of her eyes fell here. The Nainital Lake is shaped like an eye and the town derived its name from the combination of Nain (eye) and Tal (lake). The Naina Devi temple is located at one end of the lake.

Best Time To Visit:Best time to visit Nainital is from March to November.

How To Reach:Nainital is a splendid hill station located in the heart of the state of Uttaranchal and is about 310 kilometres from Delhi.
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