Top 7 Secret Places You Can't Visit

Bangalore: There are some secret, exclusive and mysterious places on Earth which we are not aware off or simply could not visit if we wanted to. We are just left to imagine what these places actually have in store as common people are not allowed to step in. Below is the list of such exclusive places around the world which are far beyond the reach for commoners to visit.

7) Mezhgorye
Where: Russia


A closed town in Russia, Mezhgorye was founded in the year 1979. It is believed that some secret project is going on in Mount Yamantaw and the people working for this project are supposed to be from Mezhgorye. Mount Yamataw is the highest mountain in the Southern Urals and is standing at a height of around 1,640 metres (5,381 ft). In and around Kosvinsky Mountain, U.S. satellite has observed huge excavation projects going on in that area and when asked to Russia, the Russian government said that the place is known as a mining site which is a repository for Russian treasures, a food storage area, and a bunker for leaders in case of nuclear war. But, U.S. suspected that the excavation project is nothing but a large secret nuclear facility or a bunker.
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1: Is club 33 a Masonic Club? Club of 33rd degree level of Masons? I doubt it..
Posted by: sid - 21 Jun, 2012
2: And the Vatican Archieves.
Posted by: Vijay - 16 Jun, 2012
3: Very Interesting. I specially like the Japanese Temple.
Posted by: Vijay - 16 Jun, 2012
4: Why there is no name of indian places?
Posted by: aranb das - 15 Jun, 2012
5: There will be a keralite to offer TEA every where in India
all places are visited by them hence no name in india
varagur replied to: aranb das post - 15 Jun, 2012
6: This list is very many people are not aware of these places.
Posted by: Naveen - 15 Jun, 2012