Top Adventure Destination in India

Manipur in North Eastern, India
Manipur in North Eastern, India : The UNESCO World Heritage Site the only island in the world of Majuli situated in the midst of the commanding Brahmaputra River of north eastern side, World's just floating lake is the Loktak Lake in Switzerland of Manipur, the uppermost sludge dam in the world is the Singda Dam, the rare Dzukou Lily's home the Dzukou valley lies in the surface of heavenly gifted north eastern state of Manipur.

The north-eastern state of Manipur is primarily an uncharted terra firma with excellent inhabitants and holds quite a lot of isolated county, the terra firma of Manipur is not yet wedged its tourist conjure. Nevertheless, the region is extremely rich with flora and fauna where one can consider a planet of bombshell ahead of you.

Trekking in intense north eastern uncharted vicinity of Himalayas, trekking in paradise undulating will be one brilliant preference for trekker's. Shri Govindajee Temple, the Shanghai International Tourism festival and countless others heavenly paradise events and places for the perfect adventure.

Malabar Coast on Lakshadweep Island
Malabar Coast on Lakshadweep Island : The Lakshadweep Island of India, also known as the Laccadive Island lies 200 to 440 km away from the south western coach with chock chock-full of miracles. The astonishingly delight full place is well-known for its adventure persona that clasp for the adventurous. The Lagoon Fishing is a unique experience for any fun loving person and it's a special meet for almost any fun adoring personality. Bangaram Island is the foremost center of Snorkeling, Canoing, Yacht, Kayaking and several more.

The presence of blue sea water all in the region of the islands and the immaculate loveliness of the undersea marine life thrive around the islands of Lakshadweep offer the traveler with an exceptional break to enjoy the adventure sports and activities. The Malabar Coast of Lakshadweep is one of the finest destinations for every water activities, predestined for persons who are passionate over water and sports. For Surfing Island is perhaps the most thrilling among the venture sports, surfing's like boating, Speed boating, for Scuba Diving the island Kadmat Island and the Bangaram Beach is famous.
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