Top Most Beautiful Places of Landscape Photography in India

Arunachal Pradesh

The "land of the dawn-lit mountains" otherwise called as the "Orchid State of India", the north eastern Arunachal Pradesh is diversified in its natural beauty.

Arunachal Pradesh

Considered the most brilliant get-away spots and a home of planet's most prestigious Tawang Religious group, the state Arunachal Pradesh has a heavenly Nuranang Falls. An exceptional falls which is around 100 meters high, consolidated with the perfect surroundings.

The visitor most focused waterfall "Nuranang" was named after a young lady who helped an Indian fighter amid the 1962 in Indo-Sino War. Considered as the most precious waterfall that creates power for the region, Nuranang is otherwise called Bong Bong Waterfalls. On the other side; the traveler most loved spot, the Sela Pass Mountain proudly stands 13,800 feet high.
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1: Some great places you covered. I too am into Landscape photography. Trying to improve my skills.
Posted by: Ashish Ranjan - 25 Sep, 2018