Top Restaurants in Goa

Restaurants in Goa
Considered the smallest state yet the target destinations, the state, Goa undeniably signified the best Southwestern Indian cuisine.

Today; Goa is known as the Portuguese and South Indian inheritance gastronomy state.

In fact, almost all the miscellaneous Goan cuisine is an amalgamation of rice, spice, vinegar, chilies and coconuts. Considered one of the world's most unique fusion foods, the Goan cuisines always come up with a burly meat or fishy accent.

The mouth-watering Goan restaurants serves up the most famous Goan multi-Cuisine foods, especially spicy chicken or meat dish; slip in coconut milk the "xacutis", meat pale with spicy sauce "vindaloos" and "cafrials", Crab XecXecA, Ambot Tik Sour and Spicy, Sorpotel a rich Stew Made from Pork, Mushroom Xacutis favorite of Locals and many more where it's inconceivable Goa saccharine like dark palm sugar which is the combinations of sugar, coconut, cardamom and jaggery and Goan Feni Local Alcoholic Drink with Strong Aroma's is in top restaurants of Goa.
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