Top Skiing Hot-Spots In India

Bangalore: Do you love snow? Do you love skiing? Then definitely India is the right place! India offers some of the best options when it comes to skiing. Skiing has turned out to be a more fascinating and adventures sport because of the remarkable recognition it has achieved all over the world. India offers numerous ski destinations which give adventure enthusiasts a chance to explore the snow filled slopes.
Let’s take a glimpse of some of the favorite hot spots for indulging in some skiing expeditions in India, as listed by Sanghamitra Mandal for Business Insider India.

Dayara Bugyal-Uttarakhand
Dayara Bugyal, located at 3,048m, is one of the most picturesque skiing spots of Uttarakhand. There are lush slopes, dotted with vast expanse of beautiful alpine grasslands. The breathtaking views of the surrounding snow covered gigantic Himalayan peaks make for an awesome summer retreat. Not just this, Dayara Bugyal also has the beautiful lake of Barnala Tal in its midst, which is a famous camping site for most trekkers and visitors to the area. Ski away and enjoy to the fullest to your heart’s content on the most awesome slopes of Dayara Bugyal.
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