Top Weekend Hangout Places in Bangalore

Snow City
Snow City Bangalore
A first of its kind in Bengaluru, Snow City is a massive indoor snow theme park covering 1,161 sq.meters (12,500 sq. ft.) with temperature maintained below -5 degree Celsius. Amazingly, the entire area within the 10 meter(33 feet) tall snow dome is filled with snow made out of drinking water, which is eco friendly and edible too.

Snow City is a great place to have fun From toboggan rides, snow rock climbing, snow basketball, and a fantasy snow castle Snow City has it all. The seasonal attractions keep up the element of freshness and are definitely a visual surprise. Celebrate birthdays, festivals, or simply create an occasion to frolic in the snow Anytime, all the time. Real snowfall, toboggan rides, snow rafting, snow dance floor, snow basketball, snow rock climbing, ice igloo, snow cafe are the major attractions in Snow City.

Timings: 10:30am to 9:30pm Open on All 7 days
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