Top Weekend Hangout Places in Bangalore

Amoeba bangalore
Amoeba is in the heart of the city and is an ideal place to spend a few hours. Amoeba, arcade parlor is quite impressive multi-player car racing conduits, air hockey and basketball games. This is an easy place to go crazy, a nice to place to hang out with your buddies.

Not too new on the block, but somehow forgotten at times, Bowling is sure to bring you fun and is a large group friendly game. The other advantage is that there are many places in Bangalore that host bowling arenas. So plan your day to include Bowling, record the scores and strike your way to some fun challenges with friends. Amoeba retreat is a complete family entertainer, providing guests and their children a great experience of gaming and leisure.

How To Reach: Amoeba in Church Street Amoeba Park Square in Whitefield.
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