Tourist Most Visited Islamic Tombs In India

Islamic Tombs in India
Humayun Tomb, Delhi
The 16th century AD tomb, the best Mughal architecture, the Tomb which is structurally the forerunner of the Taj Mahal, Humayun Tomb, Delhi is a standout amongst the most acclaimed tourist visited astonishing tomb.

Erected in the year of 1569 by the Humayun's queen Hamida Banu Begam at an expense of 1.5 million, well thoroughly considered out as the first broad enclosure tomb on Charbagh, model with high arches and double dome, the tomb encased two grandiose twofold Storeyed passages on the west and south where Baradari (structure) involves the core of the eastern partition and a Hammam (shower chamber) in the middle of northern partition. The focal octagonal chamber contains the dedicatory plaque; the top predominated by a double vault of marble. On the southwestern side of the Humayun Tomb, Barber's Tomb is placed.
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