Tourist Most Visited Islamic Tombs In India

Islamic Tombs in India
Tugluquabad Fort, Delhi
Considered as one of the vacationer visit midpoint, the post that Extend in excess of 6 km, remains on a rough slope, stands next to the Qutub Minar, the Tugluquabad Fortification was constructed by Ghiyath ud Racket Tughlaq in 1321.

As per the Legends, it is regularly said that the skulls of the slaughtered Mongol raiders were utilized within the development material of this wonderful fortress. The massive ramparts, battlements, and the mammoth stonework of this fort speak highly of the engineering skills and clearly portrayed the military style of architecture. Unquestionably; the massive Tugluquabad Fort is in an advanced state of ruin and is not only symbolic of the might of the Tughlaq dynasty yet it is a piece of architectural marvel.
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