Travel Tips for the Rookie Explorer

Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular, with many opting to pack their bags and head off on an exciting adventure rather than wait for a travel buddy to join. Time is precious, so why waste it waiting for someone else when you could be out there experiencing all this wonderful world has to offer!

There are also many benefits for exploring on your own, you'll be in charge of your own schedule without having to please others, you'll also find that you socialise with other likeminded travellers more, and generally have a life-changing (albeit challenging at times) experience. There's a reason solo travel is skyrocketing in popularity, searches for 'solo travel' are up 600% as more and more people decide to put the career on hold and set off. Or at least daydream about it.

Are you thinking of embarking on your first solo travel adventure? These top tips might help...

Find affordable accommodation

One of the pros of travelling with someone else is the ability to split the cost of a room in half, but this is no longer an option now you're an independent world explorer. You'll be faced with the dreaded 'single supplement' a fare added to your bill purely because you're alone. A little unfair, right? To avoid this, it's best to find a hostel with shared rooms so that you can save money. Hostels also force you to be social, and can be a great way to meet new travellers, and even make some lifelong friends. It's worth comparing hotel deals online before you head off, this way you'll get the best rates and also have somewhat of a plan.

Don't be afraid of your own company

We tend to feel a little awkward and embarrassed about participating in activities on our own, but this shouldn't be the case. Spending time on your own is actually beneficial for your personal development and allows you to discover yourself along the way. Enjoy everything you would with a travel buddy but do it on your own! Go for that dinner, head to the local movie theatre, and go for a drink in the nearby bar. Don't hold back, get yourself out there and enjoy both your own company and meeting new people too.

Embrace technology and apps

There's no doubt that technology is one of the reasons behind the huge rise in solo travellers. We're now more connected than ever, and going it alone seems less scary thanks to messaging platforms.

We're spoilt for choice with travel apps, it's best to do a little research before you head off and download a few that will help you along the way with your travels. Citymapper and Duolingo are a great starting point so that you know where you're going and you can put together a few basic sentences in another language!

Be safety aware

Whilst you want to let go and have an incredible time, you also need to ensure your safety isn't at risk. Solo travel can at times make you more vulnerable, so it's best to be mindful of your surroundings and not too trusting of strangers. In big cities, make sure you take extra care of your belongings, but also your drinks. If you're heading to a bar or club, don't leave your drink on the side, always have it in your hand or in sight.

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